Are the business division heads starting to complain about the number of outages?

Are executives calling asking why you're reactive and not proactive?

Are you finding it difficult to keep your head above water due to the massive amount of work coming in, on top of a reduction in staff?

Are you spending more time fighting fires rather than preventing them?

Is your overnight batch processing inconsistent, taking longer than it should or prone to failures?

Are incidents taking longer and longer to resolve?

You've come to the right place. The Command Center Handbook: Proactive IT Monitoring can help you optimize your environment, reduce outages, reduce complexity and increase operational efficiency while improving availability and service delivery.

This book can help you create a state of the art monitoring center that's proactive, efficient and a model for others to follow.


Command Center Handbook: Proactive IT Monitoring: Protecting Business Value Through Operational Excellence (168 pgs., paperback, Milford Press) is written by TAG-MC CEO and co-founder Abdul A Jaludi, an expert in data center operations, incident management and command centers.


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